How I can Help You


£50 Per Session

Counselling is a talking therapy that offers a way for you to explore thoughts and feelings that you may feel uncomfortable sharing with anyone else. Talking to a trained counsellor can help people in different ways depending on what brings you to seek help. Sometimes relationships, traumatic events, negative thoughts or painful memories can be difficult to cope with and feel like they are weighing you down. This can lead to you feeling low, anxious or stressed. It can be difficult to talk to friends or loved ones about how you feel and this can lead to feeling isolated, confused or alone. I can help you to have a better self-understanding and you can begin to think more positively about yourself and your situation. This, in turn, can help you to find better ways of coping, release some of the stress or anxiety you may be feeling, develop better relationships with people around you, and develop more confidence.


£50 Per Session

Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural process. It works by creating a very relaxed state of mind where you are much more receptive to positive influences and suggestions that can change how you think or feel or behave. Using various relaxation techniques, I will guide you into this relaxed state of mind. When you are deeply relaxed, I will give positive suggestions to help you change your unwanted habits or ways of thinking to your desired ones. I will then bring you safely out of hypnosis so you are fully alert and feeling relaxed and with a new-found confidence.
From personal experience, and from feedback from clients, Hypnotherapy can help you make changes you never thought possible. During hypnosis, you are always in control; your sub-conscious mind works for you and will not accept any suggestions or changes that you do not wish to make. After each session you will feel relaxed, refreshed, positive and motivated.


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Needle Phobia is unlike any other phobia and requires specific specialist treatment. Most people dislike needles, but a true needle phobia feels overwhelming and uncontrollable. Usually we can rationalize our fear and tell ourselves that injections are unpleasant but necessary. However, if you have a needle phobia, it is impossible to rationalize the fear, and you may go into a state of shock. Needle phobia is a recently defined medical condition that affects at least 10% of the population. I can help you understand your fear, give you practical techniques to prepare for an injection and hypnotherapy specifically tailored to help you live more comfortably with your phobia.