Relaxation Recordings

These recordings are specially created to help you relax and to build your confidence. They can help reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Listen somewhere comfortable and quiet where you won't be disturbed to give yourself a little 'me time.'

Self Compassion Card Sets

I have created these cards sets based on my personal experience and knowledge, my experience working with clients, and personal research and insights. Presented in a compact box you can take anywhere, they offer you a variety of techniques to practise self-compassion and improve your well-being. Although created to use as a therapeutic tool, they are not a replacement for therapy. If you feel you would like talking therapy, please contact me or consult your GP
Created for you to experience hypnosis in your own time and space. They will help you make the changes you've been wanting to make. The more times you listen, the more effective the hypnosis will be. These recordings are effective, however not a replacement for one-to-one therapy. Please contact me if you would like more tailored individual therapy.