This recording may help you to:

  • Achieve the weight you desire in a way that's achievable and natural
  • Release negative thoughts and feelings that have held you back

  • Take back control over your emotional eating habits

  • Remove negative beliefs about food, and reframe them into positive healthy beliefs

  • Choose and enjoy healthy foods

  • Develop mindful eating, enjoy and savour tastes and textures of foods and recognise when you’re full.

  • Believe in yourself and develop a positive, healthy relationship with yourself and with food


  • It is up to you how often you listen to your download, but the more times you listen, the more you will benefit. Choose a quiet and relaxing time to listen when you know you won't be disturbed – bedtimes are ideal. My suggestion is to keep listening regularly until you feel happy with the changes it has helped you to make . After this, you can listen whenever you feel you need reinforcement to maintain your positive changes.
  • Inner Vision Therapy MP3 recordings are created to offer you positive suggestions to make positive changes to your life. Although themed, the content of these recordings is necessarily broad and general in nature. They are not a substitute for face-to-face therapy, which would be more tailored to your individual needs. Therefore, we do not guarantee any specific outcomes, as these may vary from person to person.

Weight Management Self Hypnosis