What People Say...

Thank you so much for all your help! It has been a useful journey for me as I believe I have developed the means of managing everyday life. I found the experience very professional, but warm

and friendly at the same time! Thank you once again. CO'B, Counselling client

Nicola was very accepting and understanding towards my situation and feelings of it. I felt confident in sharing my feelings and views with her. I feel I can start to think about what to do next. MB, Counselling client

I met with Nicola a few times to talk through some issues that were troubling me. Nicola is warm, kind and creates a lovely relaxing and supportive environment. The sessions really helped me see my life and myself from a different perspective and also provided me with strategies to cope with challenging moments in my life. I also had a hypnotherapy session which, I think, has contributed to making me feel calmer and more peaceful. Thank you Nicola for all your understanding, support and help over the past few weeks. It has been a really valuable experience. Emma, Counselling client

I have had a chronic fear of needles since I was a small child. Now in my late fifties and have developed diabetes. DB nurse said I required weekly injections. I was prepared to risk my health as I could not have any needles AT ALL. My wonderful hubby found Nicola online and booked a session for me. I arrived with my husband emotionally in a mess and very frightened for the outcome of my health. Nicola put both myself and my husband as ease straight away - fast forward.... 4 sessions later and it's a new me! No problems what so ever now. My DB nurse is thrilled with the result and so am I Even had a blood test with no problem. Thanks Nicola, it's a life changer for me and I will always be grateful. Julie B, Needle phobia Hypnotherapy client

I found Nicola via an internet search and was overwhelmed with just how great she was. I did not know what to expect initially having never had counselling, but she was warm and inviting and as i relaxed into the sessions, not only did I look forwards to them week on week I found the pace and relaxed nature of them incredibly supportive for me. Nicola helped me talk through what I was unable to articulate independently and I now feel equipped to deal with these type of challenges on my own (thanks to her guidance). The most comforting thought is that should I need somebody to talk to again I will definitely go back to Nicola. TM, Counselling client

Thank you Nicola for helping me through a difficult period. When I first began the sessions, I was really low, my anxiety was taking over my life and admittedly, I didn't have high hopes. Overtime, I found Nicola's sessions were making a difference in helping me cope with difficult life circumstances. The sessions felt like a truly safe space to talk openly. Nicola was a great listener, professional, compassionate, supportive and made me feel at ease. I would recommend Inner Vision Therapy to anyone suffering from depression and anxiety looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. If I encounter further problems in future, I now know where to go. NC, Counselling client

I took my daughter who is 10 years old to Nicola for an hypnotherapy session as she always has a fear to do physical activities like swimming and gymnastics. Nicola is a very professional and an amazing lady. She made my daughter feel as ease as soon as she walked through her front door. Nicola went through everything with my daughter including the reasons why did she get scared and made the relevant notes. Nicola recorded the whole session as I couldn't go in. The whole session was 30 minutes. When speaking to my daughter she siad she really enjoyed the whole session felt like she was a different person. There is a huge improvement in swimming now. Thank you Nicola for your time. You are such a talented lady! SD, Hypnotherapy client

I attended a Mind Body Soul session with Nicola. When I arrived I was upset and flustered as a result of my current life challenges. Nicola immediately put me at my ease, I felt I was in a very friendly safe environment with confidentiality being paramount. I enjoyed the whole session, it was thought provoking in a positive personal way which gave me more confidence in myself. I also thoroughly enjoyed the meditation session which completely chilled me out, it was wonderful. I'm looking forward to engaging in more sessions in the future. I wholeheartedly recommend Nicola x  HD, Counselling client

Nicola’s expertise and compassion has made the hypnotherapy experience far easier to deal with as someone completely new to the concept. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease the moment you meet and throughout the process. I’d have no hesitation to recommend Nicola to any profile of person. Dan, Hypnotherapy client

I have just undergone spinal surgery which, as you can imagine, was a really big deal. Nicola prepared a pre-op relaxation download for me. I listened to it in the night before my surgery, as I was having difficulty sleeping, and in the hospital before I walked down to theatre. It was amazing. I was really relaxed and had complete confidence that the procedure would be successful. Nicola's words released me from any nerves or tension which I would otherwise have had and encouraged me to give myself over to the surgeon and his team to correct my spine and to allow my body to do what it needs to do to heal me. The general consensus is that I am doing very well, and I believe that Nicola had a part to play in that success. Jane, Hypnotherapy client