Online course - How to Combat Imposter Syndrome
and feel good about yourself

Do you worry that you aren't as good as everyone else?

Is your fear of failure holding you back? Imposter syndrome strikes us all at some point and can hold you back in your personal life and your business.


This practical course will help you boost your confidence and feel good enough in all areas of your life. The course is designed and delivered by Nicola Thompson. Nicola has drawn from her years of experience in her personal and professional life to create this life-changing course.

What you will learn from taking this course:​

  • The different types of imposter and how to recognise them

  • Effective ways to change your mind-set from negative to positive

  • How to make simple and long-lasting changes to how you think

  • Effective ways to boost your confidence and self-esteem 


Costing £97, this course is held online via the website. Once you purchase your course, you have unlimited access

to all the course content.

The course includes:

  • 7 lessons via training videos 

  • Notes on each lesson to reinforce your learning

  • Easy to follow workbook to guide you (PDF)

  • 7 relaxation videos specific to each lesson topic

  • Downloadable Affirmation cards (PDF)

Feedback from course attendees

"I really enjoyed the introduction to what Imposter Syndrome was and didn't know that there were 5 types. I love how you explain it all in really clear easy to understand language which anyone would be able to understand."


"I really loved the quotes and the meditations and I felt that the affirmation cards at the end was a really nice touch. I thought having tasks to do at the end was really useful even the ones I didn't enjoy doing such as accepting a compliment!"

When did you realise that the course had made a difference to you? 

"Probably week two the Perfectionist because I was sat there saying yes to every question! Seeing it in black and white and reading it made me realize how unrealistic I was being to myself so it made me reflect that I was putting a pressure on myself that was unwarranted." Mo Ingleby - small business owner