What People Say

CO'B, Counselling Client

Thank you so much for all your help! It has been a useful journey for me as I believe I have developed the means of managing everyday life. I found the experience very professional, but warm

and friendly at the same time! Thank you once again.

MS, Counselling Client

Nicola has been just great to work with. I think I would have found my journey much tougher without her, thank you.

MB, Counselling Client

Nicola was very accepting and understanding towards my situation and feelings of it. I felt confident in sharing my feelings and views with her. I feel I can start to think about what to do next.

TM, Counselling Client

I found Nicola via an internet search and was overwhelmed with just how great she was. I did not know what to expect initially having never had counselling, but she was warm and inviting and as i relaxed into the sessions, not only did I look forwards to them week on week I found the pace and relaxed nature of them incredibly supportive for me. Nicola helped me talk through what I was unable to articulate independently and I now feel equipped to deal with these type of challenges on my own (thanks to her guidance). The most comforting thought is that should I need somebody to talk to again I will definitely go back to Nicola.

Emma, Counselling Client

I met with Nicola a few times to talk through some issues that were troubling me. Nicola is warm, kind and creates a lovely relaxing and supportive environment. The sessions really helped me see my life and myself from a different perspective and also provided me with strategies to cope with challenging moments in my life. I also had a hypnotherapy session which, I think, has contributed to making me feel calmer and more peaceful. Thank you Nicola for all your understanding, support and help over the past few weeks. It has been a really valuable experience.

NC, Counselling Client

Thank you Nicola for helping me through a difficult period. When I first began the sessions, I was really low, my anxiety was taking over my life and admittedly, I didn't have high hopes. Overtime, I found Nicola's sessions were making a difference in helping me cope with difficult life circumstances. The sessions felt like a truly safe space to talk openly. Nicola was a great listener, professional, compassionate, supportive and made me feel at ease. I would recommend Inner Vision Therapy to anyone suffering from depression and anxiety looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. If I encounter further problems in future, I now know where to go.

Julie, Needle Phobia clent

I have had a chronic fear of needles since I was a small child. Now in my late fifties and have developed diabetes. DB nurse said I required weekly injections. I was prepared to risk my health as I could not have any needles AT ALL. My wonderful hubby found Nicola online and booked a session for me. I arrived with my husband emotionally in a mess and very frightened for the outcome of my health. Nicola put both myself and my husband as ease straight away - fast forward.... 4 sessions later and it's a new me! No problems what so ever now. My DB nurse is thrilled with the result and so am I Even had a blood test with no problem. Thanks Nicola, it's a life changer for me and I will always be grateful.